Trak-4 GPS Tracking FAQ

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Trak-4 Details

Is there a contract?
There is no contract with the Trak4. You are free to start and stop your monthly subscription as you please. You may also opt for the prepaid annual subscription option.
Does Trak4 have an app?

Trak4 utilizes state-of-the-art responsive webapp technology to bring your tracking data to your fingertips in the fastest and cleanest fasion.

To add the Trak4 Webapp to your phone, follow the links below:

How does it work?
The Trak4 contains hardware and logical processing to calculate position based upon GPS satellite signals and Cell Tower Trilateration. The Trak-4 wakes up periodically based upon a user-selectable interval to calculate and issue a GPS location report to by communicating over the AT&T cell network.

Check out the 8-part How-To Video Series on YouTube!
Can I use the Trak4 outside or in a marine environment?
Yes, the Trak4 is weatherproof.
How big is the Trak4?
The Trak4 is just under 5 inches long by 3 inches wide by 1.1 inches tall.
Does the Trak4 come with a warranty?
The Trak4 comes with a two-year limited warranty.
Is the Trak4 rechargeable? If so, how?
  • Trak-4 USB is rechargeable with a typical cell phone charger (Android-style micro-USB connector)
  • The Trak-4 12V charges automatically after you connect the wiring harness to your asset's 12-volt power system
  • The Trak-4 Solar charges in sunlight - we recommend at least 20 hours of good sunlight per week, on average
  • Check out the How-To Video for Charging Your Trak-4 on YouTube!
Does Trak4 store GPS reports when it is out of cell range?
Map History Feature – What do the blue and green pins indicate?
  • The blue pins indicate positions from the last 24 hours.
  • The green pins indicate positions from prior to 24 hours ago.
Movement-based tracking – How long was my asset stopped?
  • A good way to determine how long a device was stopped is to go to the Report History page
  • Look for one or more consecutive reports with no MPH reading (asset is not moving).
  • The device will issue a report when movement stops, once every 24 hours while the asset is stopped, and an additional report when movement begins.

Product Activation and Setup

Do you have a How-To Video Series?

Yes! You may view our How-To Video Series on YouTube

Do you have a product activation How-To Video?

Yes! You may view our video library in the menu above or view the product activation video below.

How do I use the Trak4?
  1. Plug your Trak4 into a charger for 3 hours to activate and fully charge the battery.
  2. Sign up your account at
  3. Enter your Trak4's Keycode
  4. Choose a subscription option that suits you
  5. Select your desired reporting frequency
  6. View our How-To Video Series on YouTube!
Where should I put the Trak4 on my asset? How do I install it?
  • It is best to place the Trak4 in a location that has at least a partial view of the sky so that the GPS satellite signal can be processed.
  • Many locations that do not have a clear view of the sky will work fine so long as the Trak4 is not contained within too much metal
  • You may utilize the mounting holes for bolting or securing the Trak4 to an asset (zip-ties, etc).
  • You may also utilize adhesive magnets on the underside of the Trak4 to mount to an asset
  • You may also place the Trak4 within a container -- keep in mind that covering the Trak4 in too much material, especially metal, may block the GPS satellite signal
  • Be careful not to cover the top of the Trak4 in metal as that hinders the Trak4's ability to process GPS and Cell information.
  • View our How-To Maximize Signal Quality Guide on YouTube!

Trak4 Troubleshooting

Why isn’t my Trak4 Reporting?
  • Make sure the battery is charged
  • Check the dashboard at -- are there any warnings about cell reception or GPS satellite reception?
  • Try mounting the Trak4 in a location that is more open to the sky.
  • Check whether there is any metal covering the top of the Trak4
Why does my Trak4 sometimes miss a GPS report?

If your Trak4 is in a location that does not have good cell reception, it may save the GPS report and send it later.

For Example:

  • Your Trak4 is on 1 hour reporting.
  • It wakes up and issues a GPS report at 2:00 PM
  • It wakes up to issue a report at 3:00 PM, but does not have a strong enough cell signal.
  • It goes back to sleep to try again at 4:00 PM
  • At 4:00 PM, it has a good cell signal. It sends in the 3:00 PM report AND the 4:00 PM report at this time

View our How-To Maximize Signal Quality Guide on YouTube!

Why is my Trak4 location wrong?

  • Please navigate to
  • Click through to your device dashboard.
  • Click over to "Report History"
  • Look for the "Location Method" column in the Report History table
  • If it says "GPS" then your location was calculated, for that report, with GPS satellite signals. This location should be very, very close to accurate, often within a few feet.
  • However, if it says "Cell", then your device resorted to "Cell Trilateration" location method.
  • Cell Trilateration, depending upon how many cell towers are in range, may be off by up to a mile
  • To have fewer Cell Trilateration reports, please mount the Trak4 in a location that is more open to the sky.
  • If you continue to get the occasional geozone alert based upon Cell Trilateration reports, you may opt-out of Cell Trilateration Geozone Alerts on the "Manage" tab of the Trak4 Dashboard at
How do I charge my Trak4?
  • Remove the circular end-cap from the Trak4.
  • Inside, you will see a Micro-USB port
  • Use a typical cell phone charger (with a USB connector) to charge the Trak4
  • Alternatively, you may use the provided USB cable and connect to a cell charger, computer, or vehicle USB port
  • It takes up to 5 hours to achieve a full charge from a fully-depleted battery
  • After charging, place the circular endcap back on the Trak4 to maintain weather-proofing
  • Check out the How-To Video for Charging Your Trak-4 on YouTube!
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