GPS Tracker

Rugged, Dependable, Mobile

As low as $6 99 / month
  • GPS Tracking with cell-trilateration fallback
  • REST API for device listings & device reports
  • Track vehicles, equipment, people, or any assets
  • Selectable in-motion ping rates from 1-minute to hourly
  • Email & text alerts for geozone entry/exit or low battery
  • High-capacity rechargable battery
  • Reports for up to 18 months on a single charge (daily reporting)
  • Sharing - Provide free access to friends, coworkers, family
  • View GPS locations on map in web-app optimized for desktop and mobile
  • Free and Fast email customer support
TRAK4 Business Class
As low as $6 99 / month
25 Qty Minimum OR $500 annual fee
  • All Standard Trak4 features plus...
  • Multi-device management
  • User management
  • Streamlined billing
  • Organization-wide geozones
  • REST API for device listings & device reports
  • Enhanced data resiliency - Maintain access to GPS data for 8 years
  • Enhanced customer support - Business class phone & email support
GPS Tracking
Know where your people and things are in real time. Knowledge is power.
Tracking History
View your Trak4 history at the click of a button.
Set up invisible fences around your Trak4. Receive email and SMS/text alerts when your Trak4 crosses a fence.
Rugged and dependable for tracking assets indoor, outdoor and in the field.
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