Track people, property, and vehicles in real time
The Trak4 GPS Tracker combines state-of-the-art technology with an affordable price to give you easy, dependable, and mobile GPS tracking.
Only $48.80!
Know where your people and property are in real time. Set up invisible fences around your Trak4 and receive email/text alerts if your Trak4 crosses the geofence.
At the size of a deck of cards, Trak4 features an industrial enclosure for the most extreme and rugged environments. Mount Trak4 inside or outside.
Trak4 uses rechargeable lithium batteries with up to 18 months battery life. Receive text/email alerts when battery is low. Trak4 fully charges in 5 hours.
View your entire tracking history at the click of a button. Follow the tracks over time or download the report history to CSV. Knowledge is power.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Your Trak4 contains the same technology as your cell phone: a cellular chip and GPS antenna. The Trak4 wakes up periodically based upon your selected reporting frequency and sends its GPS location to your account on Trak4 communicates over the AT&T cell network.
Is my Trak4 rechargeable? If so, how?
  • Trak4 is rechargeable with a typical cell phone charger (Android-style micro-USB connector).
  • You may use the USB cable supplied in your Trak4 box.
  • Additionally, you may use the supplied USB cable to connect to a computer or vehicle USB port.
Does my Trak4 come with a warranty?
Yes, your Trak4 comes with a two-year limited warranty.
Does Trak4 have an app?

Trak4 utilizes state-of-the-art responsive webapp technology to bring your tracking data to your fingertips in the fastest and cleanest fasion.

To add the Trak4 Webapp to your phone, follow the links below:

How do I use Trak4?
  1. Plug your Trak4 into a charger for 3 hours to activate and fully charge the battery.
  2. Sign up your account at
  3. Enter your Trak4’s Keycode.
  4. Choose a subscription option that suits you.
  5. Select your desired reporting frequency.
(paid annually)
  • Hourly Reporting
  • Multiple reporting options from daily to every hour
  • Pay monthly or annually
  • No contracts
  • Free email/phone support
(paid annually)
  • 15-Minute Reporting
  • Multiple reporting options from daily to every 15 minutes
  • Pay monthly or annually
  • No contracts
  • Free email/phone support
(paid annually)
  • 2-Minute Reporting
  • Multiple reporting options from daily to every 2 minutes
  • Pay monthly or annually
  • No contracts
  • Free email/phone support
What Trak4 Customers are Saying
"The TRak4 tracker is well though and easy to use. Just set up a login and tie it to your unit. The bad news is you have to pay a monthly fee to use it. But its not much compared to the other ones out there. I chose 15 minute reporting. This gives it about 4 weeks of use on a charge. I keep it in the glove box of my daughters car. When i get a low battery alert I charge it overnight and useit for another month. Its really nice to be able to look on my phone anytime to see where she is. Getting another for my wifes car."
Tim Vanduser
"I love it! Ok I’ve had the Trak-4 in my project truck since April 13th and it works great! I don't daily drive this truck and it sits in my garage mostly. I'm able to see when my truck leaves my house. Also, the battery level is at 92% after a month of reporting. *User Tip* There isn't an app for this device but you can access the device through your phones web browser and add to your home screen. This creates an icon on your phone and it works the same way an app would."
B Brown